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Q.: How long it will take for a quote?
A.: Unless the mold have special requirements.Usually a quotation for a mold will be sent out the next day after we received enquiry with all the necessary details from customer ( Such as if you want a prototype tool or hot runner tool or a quick change mold ; and cavity numbers; mold life requirment; raw material info etc..)

Q.: What do you need to provide us for a quotation?
A.: Product 2D drawing or 3D model data file or product sample. If none of these are available, we need at least an ordinary sketch with the most critical dimensions of the product on it. What Kind of plastic resin you are going to use in manufacturing or an idea of the durability of the product .

Q.:How long does it take to fabricate a mold?
A.: It depending on product size and complexity of its shape, in generally ,a middle size molds T1 date is in 25 days,it’s based on PO and downpayment received and the approval for the preliminary 2D&3D mold design from clients.

Q.: Is it possible without a visit in your factory to know whether my mold is being built on schedule?
A.: We are giving a detailed mold-making schedule and send Weekly Process Reports. The reports may have digital pictures that show the progress of work..

Q.: What is the life expectancy of molds?
A.: Mold life depends on what kind of tooling steel used. You can tell us how many shots you would like from that mold, then we can choose what kind of tooling steel we are going to use and decide built SPI 101 Class or SPI 103 Class mold for you.